Question: Can I strengthen chimney construction by adding mortar between a ceramic pipe and a chimney brick?

Answer: A chimney system ceramic pipe is an element that “works” by expanding and contracting with the temperature of channelled exhaust. No mortar can therefore be used because it would crack during expansion. The only material that can be used between a ceramic pipe and a LECA- concrete block is rock wool.

Question: Can I lean another building construction element, for example, a ceiling, against an already constructed chimney?

Answer: a Cheney is an integral construction and cannot have direct contact with any other building construction element. Dilatation with flexible materials is required between a chimney and a structure.

Question: Can I connect two heating units, for example, a fireplace and CO furnace, to the same exhaust event?

Answer: This is not possible in the Standard and Universal Systems. Two independent chimney systems must be constructed for this purpose. In such case we connect the fireplace to one system and the CO furnace to the other.

Question: Can I connect chimney inlays with mortar?

Answer: Chimney inlays can only be bonded with putty that is provided together with a chimney set. This putty is acid and fire-resistant and is also flexible, which is very important when a chimney pipe “works” under the influence of temperature. The use of mortar to bond chimney inlays would cause leakage because it is not acid-resistant and would dissolve during chimney use. The consequence would be penetration of condensation into plaster and blotches on walls. The fact that mortar is not flexible can also lead to cracking of chimney inlays during heating.

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