Chimney systems that we offer are becoming increasingly popular among customers.

They are gradually displacing brick chimneys in light of their modular form and ease of assembly, as they are:

  • made from acid and fire-resistant materials
  • safe in use
  • highly efficient as regards chimney draft
  • inexpensive

Chimney systems (prefabricated) consist of ready-cut ceramic pipes produced by a leading German manufacturer- HART.

A chimney system also includes LECA-concrete blocks with a multi-channel structure that also enables the extraction of fumes and ventilation of premises.

Depending on chimney use we also use thermal insulation that allows maintenance of appropriate fume temperature.  The entire system is supplemented with necessary accessories: T-joint, cleaning hole, inspection hatch, ventilator grate, etc.  Such a complex solution simplifies and accelerates chimney construction and reduces costs.

Our firm offers two basic types of chimney systems that meet most requirements:

Standard System – works with furnaces powered by all types of solid fuels except for coal dust and is suitable for CO furnaces and chimneys with the exception of chimneys with a water jacket.

Universal System – works with all types of solid and liquid fuels and can be used for all types of CO furnaces and each type of chimney.

Most importantly our cooperation with a trusted German partner means that our systems have a European CE certificate and a 30 year manufacturer warranty.

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