Standard System

Purpose and features:

  • CO furnaces and solid fuel fireplaces: coal, wood, briquettes, etc.
  • exhaust channelling in the range of 200- 600°C
  • refractory pipe fully resistant to smoke acid
  • highest-quality pipe guarantees tightness even in the event of a soot fire lasting up to one hour
  • not recommended for fireplaces with a water jacket
  • not recommended for coal dust

European CE certification for the entire chimney system

Available cross sections

Chimney pipe diameter:

  • Ø 160;
  • Ø 180;
  • Ø 200;
  • Ø 250
Smoke chimney – 36×36 cm, for Ø 250 48×48 cm
Smoke – ventilation – 36×50 cm
Smoke 2 ventilations – 36×60 cm
Smoke 3 ventilations – 36×74 cm
Smoke 4 ventilations – 36×84 cm

System elements:

The basic Standard chimney set includes: sealing collar and chimney cap, hollow bricks, ceramic pipes, clean-out pipe, 90° emissions T-pipe, fire-resistant sealer, clean-out hatch, ventilation grate, main plate, and instruction manual.

Additional elements:

The following additional elements can be purchased:

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