Ventilation channels

Ventilation hollow blocks – characteristics

  • ventilation hollow blocks serve to construct gravitation ventilation channels
  • the task of such ventilation is to channel fresh air to a building and to extract used air outside
  • system elements – hollow bricks made from LECA-concrete which ensures a high level of acoustic insulation and fire resistance
  • hollow block construction is well thought out and crafted in every detail
  • ventilation hollow blocks are designed to function with system chimneys
  • the entire system of chimneys and ventilation hollow blocks is based on a module 33 cm in height, thus providing swift and easy assembly
  • ventilation hollow blocks are adapted to STANDARD, UNIVERSAL and TURBO chimneys
  • we sell ventilations only for smoke chimneys

Attention! The cost of ventilation delivery is set individually.

Types of ventilation:

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