Send us photographs of your chimney and win a free chimney cap!

Each customer who sends us three photographs of our chimney to the following address: [email protected], together with consent to its publication on our portal will receive a free chimney cap worth PLN 100.

The cap will be sent free-of-charge within three business days of photograph receipt and acceptance.
This campaign applies to all customers who bought a Chimney System from our company at a value of at least PLN 1,500 gross and continues until further notice.

If photographs are of poor quality, our representative will request new copies to be sent to an indicated address.

Please attach the following statement of consent below when entering the competition:

“I consent to placement on the website www.kominsystem.pl of my submitted photographs of the chimney system that I bought from OPTIMUM. I provide the photographs free-of-charge for their indefinite term presentation on www.kominsystem.pl.”

Pan Paweł - komin Uniwersal fi 180 wraz z kanałami wentylacyjnymi - Woźniki

Pan Andrzej - Komin Duo, Komin Uniwersal i ciągi wentylacyjne - Lublin

Pani Barbara- Komin uniwersal dymowo-wentylacyjny - 5.33 mb, Ø 160 - Nowe Piekuty

Pan Jakub - Komin Uniwersal dymowo-wentylacyjny - 6.33 mb, Ø 200 - Gdańsk

Pani Sylwia - System Uniwersal fi 180 z trzema wentylacjami - Włodzimierzów

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